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Bhavini is a curious soul with an eye for constantly learning new things. Always high on energy; her infectious positivity rubs on you instantly. She has over 20 years of experience in the field of surface ornamentation in Textile industry 

Her specialty? Give her scraps and she can transform them into high fashion! All of this while transforming the lives of women through livelihood. Supported by her daughter and her team of tireless women, she is a proud owner of her startup – Bunko-Junko since 2017. In Japanese, the term 'bunko' means 'to create art' and 'junko' means 'from junk' which resonates with Bhavini's endeavor to create art out of waste. The company aims to promote fashion with a conscience by repurposing pre-consumer textiles and prevents this waste from ending up in landfills. Bhavini has worked with 1000+ underprivileged women with the goal of establishing them as entrepreneurs. 

Almost 15% of pre-consumer textiles are discarded in production houses, making it the second-largest polluting industry. Bhavini has made this pre-consumer textile waste her niche and is determined to create value from it, while upskilling women. The initiative has saved 368 tonnes of textile waste, 270 billion gallons of water, and the environment from 2970 tonnes of CO2 since 2017. 

Even though covid severely impacted operations, Bunko Junko still managed to grow due to strong customer relations and Bhavini opened a new store in Mumbai. To continue the growth trajectory, Bhavini has placed fundraising as the top priority. 


Startup Name: Bunko Junko

Founder : Bhavini Parekh

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Tonnes of CO2 emission prevented

270 bn

Gallons of water saved


Tonnes of textile waste upcycled


Underprivileged women given livelihood opportunities

life has been a rollercoaster adventure and simple is not fun!. In our endeavor to live by her example, we’re fundraising for Bhavini’s Bunko-Junko. Let us help her bridge this gap by donating today.
Bhavini Parekh
Founder - Bunko Junko

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