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Ph.D. to Entrepreneurship, Dhanshree has taken on challenges throughout her journey as a young woman, be it social, academic, or individual. The journey from a small town in Maharashtra as a lecturer to an entrepreneur could have been intimidating but not for Dhanshree! She is as bright as she is driven. During her academic learning in the Netherlands, she cracked an idea to create a tech-solution prototype for persons with disabilities (PWD), elderly, and patients. She continues to perfect this assistive device.  

Her prototype lies at the heart of her scientific quest and humanitarian outlook. With the support from her research mentor, Dhanshree moved forward with her idea to change mindsets around tech-enabled mobility for PWD. Aidgo Technologies is doing this by using electric wheelchair technology and through that aims to revolutionize manufacturing for electric vehicles and solar applications. She envisions a world with freedom of mobility for PWD, enabling them easier access to livelihood and education. 

Her goal is to empower PWD in India through tech-savvy solutions that are sustainable and advocate for greater socio-economic equality. She cannot achieve this goal without testing her prototype that requires significant funds to completion. Your generous donations can make this happen for Dhanshree’s Aidgo.  

Startup Name: Aidgo Technologies

Co-Founder : Dhanshree Thulkar

My love for scientific temperament and humanitarianism is at the heart of my startup in healthcare People are not open to technology when it comes to assistive devices and we're prototyping to change that without harm to the environment
Dhanshree Thulkar

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