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“Waste to Life” is Renjini’s passion and purpose in life. An artist at heart, she began her journey collecting waste products that she felt had a life left to live. Vapasee was born out of the idea of an object “coming back to life”. What began as a hobby has turned into a full-fledged operation of an artistic/art-based entrepreneurial journey for Renjini. Her venture is strongly based on waste recycling and repurposing towards a cleaner and healthier environment.  

Her thriving eco-system of waste-sellers and volunteers helps her in procuring waste. Renjini is changing the mindsets of the consumers to opt for more eco-conscious products rather than mass produced items, one beautiful art piece at a time.   

Renjini loves to obsessively collect waste with potential even if it means rummaging through potentially rundown and unsanitary places. She is supported by her husband for creating tools to shape and clean her products. The push by family and friends to turn a hobby into business was the driving force for Renjini to start Vapasee. Today, however, she is at the helm of driving the grand vision towards sustainable economy through awareness and consumer behaviour change. Vapasee has two immediate goals: 

  • Wider awareness generation on perils-to-sustainability from mass produced materials 
  • Launching an e-commerce website to reach a wider audience for her art pieces 
    Shifting mindsets to conscious consumerism “is a real joy” for Renjini. At this stage in her venture, she needs funds to invest in production and innovation to cater to large orders in a short lead time. They are also looking to scale and grow their distribution channels, design innovation & team. Donate to be the patrons of the art that serves the planet and us.  

Startup Name: Vapasee

Founder : Renjini Thampi

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3600 kgs

Glass bottles & glass cutting waste recycled

3000 kg

CO2 saved per year

300 kgs

Metal waste recycled

600 kgs

Wood prevented from burning

Art is my passion, but I'm finding greater joy in shifting mindsets by propogating environment friendly consumption
Ranjini Thampi
Founder - Vapasee

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